Matr Boomie, India

Matr Boomie believes that economic sustainability and social empowerment are the keys for community development. Partnering with disadvantaged artisan communities in India, they provide sustainable employment and fair wages to help improve their economic and social standings.

Matr Boomie is a wholesaler of fair trade products, located in Austin, Texas working with over 30 artisan groups and about 5,000 artisans in India. These artisan communities are rich with unique, traditional art forms but lack access to and knowledge of outside markets and modern design trends. Through Matr Boomie artisans are provided the necessary resources to produce functional goods that incorporate their traditional arts with designs that are marketable in the West. Products made by the partners of Matr Boomie include, eco-friendly paper products, jewelry, bags, purses, scarves, and wooden games.

Artisan partners gain self-sufficiency, self-confidence and recognition of the true worth of their beautiful art through successful sales. Environmentally responsible processes, using as many recycled, reused, and sustainable natural material is a priority to artisans.

Business Hours:

Monday-Thursday  10 am – 7 pm
10 am – 9 pm
Sunday                   12 pm – 5 pm


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