We Are Fair Trade


One World Goods is committed to Fair Trade principals as defined by the World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade  Federation, and Fairtrade International. We buy from companies that are certified by one or more of these organizations who have vetting processes and feet on the ground in countries all over the world ensuring ethical, humane practices and fair compensation for disadvantaged artisans. Other pillars of fair trade are also committed to the preservation of cultural identity, environmental sustainability, safe working conditions, empowerment of women, and building capacity for all artisans.

The managers at One World Goods are also the buyers. We comb catalogs and fair trade resources online to find companies committed to not only, fair trade but to new, creative and innovative products that fill a new niche or creatively solve a problem. We found items like sculptures made from reclaimed flip-flops, using invasive weeds for making paper products or baskets. We’ve seen products made from junked bicycles, old engine blocks, juice pouches, flour sacks, and nuts. Worn out saris become scarves, purses and jewelry. Our customers love us for the unique and wide range of gifts they can only find in our store and in person. We all love that by buying a gift, a dress or some home decor can mean dignity and self worth for the disadvantaged among some of our global neighbors.