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Lucuma Designs, Peru

 Lucuma Designs develops opportunities for Peruvian artisan partners by guiding them with fresh ideas and innovative designs while focusing on sustainability and fair trade.  Lucuma Designs strives to develop contemporary crafts and folk art from Peru...

Mayan Hands, Guatemala

Mayan Hands works with talented Mayan women artisans of traditional textiles and basketry and through fair trade, partners with them in their journey out of extreme poverty. Working with around 200 women in nine Guatemalan communities Mayan Hands includes...

Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Ethiopia

The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) aims to: improve income of farmers; improve and maintain the quality, productivity and sustainability of coffee production in Ethiopia; regulate and stabilize the local market; and assist the coffee communities in...

Eswatini Swazi Kitchen, Swaziland

Eswatini Swazi Kitchen is a fair trade producer of natural gourmet food established in 1991 in Swaziland by Manzini Youth Care, a NGO supporting marginalized youth in the country. Eswatini Swazi Kitchen generates employment for women who make jams, chutneys, and...

Comité Artisanal Haitïen (CAH), Haiti

For over 30 years, Comité Artisanal Haitïen (CAH) has worked to support Haitian artisans by providing them with professional development services and marketing their products to fair trade organizations in Europe and United States. Crafts production allows thousands...

Healthy Sisters’ Soup & Bean Works, Rochester, NY

Healthy Sisters' Soup & Bean Works responds to the needs of women facing overwhelming obstacles to lifestyle changes without resources or family support by providing skills for employment and life in a nurturing workspace. Healthy Sisters' Soup & Bean Works is...

Upcycled Fair Trade Treasures

Though Rochester winters make it feel like Spring will never arrive, it is finally just around the corner. As last years’ lilacs get ready to bloom again, the world is thinking about rebirth. Here at One World Goods, we’re celebrating the Fair Trade principle of...

Funky decor with distinctive pan-african fabric

In cities and villages all across sub-Saharan Africa, crowded marketplaces come to life as people arrive to buy, sell, and socialize. The bustle of these marketplaces is reflected in the vibrant colors and patterns worn by all. Africans are world-renowned for their...

CCAP, Philippines

The Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is one of the oldest fair-trade organizations in the Philippines. Since 1973, CCAP has been marketing handcrafts for marginalized Filipino producer groups through trading relationships built on partnership....

Bunyaad, Pakistan

Located in the regions around Lahore, Pakistan, Bunyaad was founded in the 1960’s by a Pakistani Baptist pastor and rug artisan as a way to create and sustain rug knotting jobs in rural villages. Bunyaad works with both Christian and Muslim rug artisans, giving people...

Divine Chocolate, Ghana

Divine Chocolate is a leading fair trade brand in the UK & US and a pioneer in the world of socially responsible enterprise. The Kuapa Kokoo farmer’s cooperative in Ghana owns shares in Divine Chocolate and influences decisions about how...

Matr Boomie, India

Matr Boomie believes that economic sustainability and social empowerment are the keys for community development. Partnering with disadvantaged artisan communities in India, they provide sustainable employment and fair wages to help improve their economic and social standings.

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