Though Rochester winters make it feel like Spring will never arrive, it is finally just around the corner. As last years’ lilacs get ready to bloom again, the world is thinking about rebirth. Here at One World Goods, we’re celebrating the Fair Trade principle of Environmental Stewardship, and admiring the countless ways craftspeople from across the world turn refuse into beautiful works of art.

These beautiful bouquets are enough to brighten up any day. Look closely – each flower is fashioned from its own unique print. In these days of fast fashion, artisans from Bangladesh collect old sari remnants, saving these gorgeous garments from already overcrowded landfills. Boy hand, they rework these discarded fabrics, breathing new life into them as baskets, blankets, and these vase-ready signs of spring.

Artists in the Caribbean nation of Haiti have garnered a global reputation for the distinctive metal pieces they create. But did you know that each gorgeous hanging gives new life to big garbage? These In this process, enormous 55-gallon steel oil drums are cut open, flattened out, and intricately carved using hammers and chisels into trees of life and arrays of spring birds.

Springtime colors are a relief for eyes tired of winter’s greys. These bright bowls get their incredible color from the pages of old magazines. Vietnamese artisans collect landfill-bound glossies, and then, through an intricate process of rolling and gluing, create sturdy and stunning tableware. Filling these dishes with the first green harvest of the year will freshen up any table.

Take advantage of the thaw with a quick trip to Pittsford Plaza, where you can take your very own tour of global rebirth by exploring these and all the other upcycled Fair Trade treasures One World Goods has to offer.